Oct 31 2011

Still stewing..

I really haven’t had the motivation to work on anything lately…My day job has sucked the life out of me and I need to recharge.

Jul 22 2011

Been awhile

Ok, So my day job has sucked all the living energy out of me for the last few months.  I plan on starting a new project in a few weeks.  Hopefully I should have something concrete within a month.

Apr 18 2011

Ok.. So Winning never really panned out.. However

I have a new soundboard in development that I think every one will like, it will probably only be for IOS for now though.   Also i should have an update out for the Android Archer App soon to include favorites.  Sorry for the long wait in that.

Mar 6 2011

Two words..Iphone and Winning!!

Stay tuned….

Feb 23 2011

FMK THE Game Now available for Android

Go get it here…FMK THE GAME

Feb 20 2011

FMK for Iphone Denied..Android Market here I come!

So the overlords at Apple denied my FMK app even when I asked if I could change the terminology…bummer…  However I am now getting ready to upload it to the Android Market!!

Feb 3 2011

FMK For iPhone

Just uploaded a free and paid version of FMK for iPhone

Feb 3 2011

Archer Soundboard in the Android store as well!

Still working on getting the second half of season 1 out, hopefully by the end of the weekend!

Jan 26 2011

Archer Sound Board in the App Store

Go here and get it.. if you like Archer of course.   I only have half the season in it so far, but I am currently working on the rest.  It will be updated soon to include all of season 1

Jan 24 2011

Lesoundski in the Android Market

GO try it out, the best Big Lebowski App out there.